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The internship can be integrated into an existing course, enriching it with international and practical experience.


Students will learn to develop coherent solutions by tackling real-life problems and cooperating with organizations and businesses.


An accessible way to add an international dimension to a course and build partnerships between institutions.


Reflecting on the ‘’InternACTional’’ project

The beginning of June saw the second transnational ‘’InternACTional’’ project meeting in Lyon, France, gathering project partners from all the collaborating countries to look back at the work already done and brainstorm ideas for future project maintenance. Reflecting amongst themselves the partners brought to light the rights and wrongs of the practicality of the project. […]

The second European Innovation Race – sharing big ideas for creating a sustainable university!

Last Thursday, March 3rd, the second European Innovation Race finally happened! The event aimed to generate ideas on making universities sustainable through encouraging skills such as design thinking and teamwork.  This one-day hackathon took place online with teams of international participants and partners. The organizers of the event were thrilled that many students from both […]

Join European Innovation Race 2022

Come along with the mission to create more sustainable universities for the future! In the second European Innovation Race (EIR), being a part of an international team, you will brainstorm, prototype, and pitch your ideas for how universities could become more sustainable. What’s more, during EIR, you will become familiar with design thinking and make […]