Craft your pitch

Published on February 9, 2021.

Have you ever heard about „elevator pitch“? It is a short but effective explanation intended to persuade someone to buy something or accept an idea. Why elevator? It should be short enough to present an idea during an elevator ride. In various conferences and events, when you think about it, the elevator is one of those places you will use often and meet random people – no better place to interlude an awkward silence and pitch an idea to others.

Even if your pitch is longer than an elevator ride, it might be challenging to choose the essential information you are eager to share, especially if your idea is personally important to you. Université Jean Moulin (Lyon III) made a great set of recommendations to craft your pitching. Here you will find a video with key tips on pitching well, a story pitch method and recommended resources to help master it following by a practical exercise.

Manuel Ausserré, mentor and true pitching expert, shares valuable tips in the video. Did you know that a simple example from reality always works better and touches people stronger than any theory? Another thing to mention – few first sentences of your pitch let other people know if they actually want to hear your idea. Nobody is obliged to listen to it, so make those sentences count. Create a desire for others to eager to hear more!

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